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Choosing hymns for funerals can be a demanding on the family members who are at the same time trying to deal with the negative emotions of having lost a loved one recently.

Consequently, many families prefer to leave the organising of the funeral to the funeral parlour or church services, including the selection of the funeral hymns.

However, hymns for funeral are actually very personal and chances are that funeral service organizers do not have a personal understanding of the departed one. Music can elicit powerful emotions and have a strong healing effect only if the family can identify and feel emotionally connect with the funeral hymns.

Funeral hymns chosen by funeral service officers are unlikely to reflect the right sentiments that family members and relatives will feel for. It is best if family members themselves take the responsibility in choosing hymns for the funerals of their loved ones.

It is not easy to be thinking of hymns for funerals at a time when you're grieving, and there are several other factors to think about besides the hymn titles. It is probably a good thing to give a thought to what hymns you would like to be played at a funeral and not just for the funerals of your loved ones, but for your own funeral as well.

There are many things to take into account when choosing hymns for funerals. Do the lyrics fit the context? There are plenty of hymns for funerals, some are for fathers, mothers, or grandparents, so don't just choose funeral hymns because the song is touching. There may be songs that are a favorite of your loved one, and these may not be typically regarded as hymns for funerals, but in a different context such as this, they can be used a funeral hymns as well.

Beside the funeral hymn and lyrics, you need to consider the performance of the song. Will it be a live performance or a recording? If it is a live performance, will there be a choir? Will there be a live musical instruments, piano, string quartet or orchestra?

When the funeral hymn is played, will the family join in? Will you want to guests to join in as well? Will any of the family or relatives be performing the funeral hymns? This all require preparations such as screening the lyrics or preparing the musical instruments.

Take some time to read through HymnsforFunerals.org for some advise on choosing hymns for funeral.



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